OEM Compliance | ISO/SAE 21434 and WP.29 CSMS


Upstream Security provides an end-to-end solution for post-production monitoring as required by both the WP.29 regulation and the ISO/SAE standard. This is done using two cybersecurity products, Upstream C4 and AutoThreat. 


Upstream C4 is a centralized solution for detecting and mitigating cyber attacks against vehicles and mobility services in near real-time. This is done by collecting data from vehicle logs, vehicle communication channels, and backend systems. This data is processed in near real-time, and based on this data, cyber attacks are detected and mitigated as required by the WP.29 regulation. C4 provides a broad coverage for the threats listed in Annex 5 of the WP.29 and also helps OEMs comply with the ISO/SAE requirements for continuous cybersecurity activities and operation and maintenance monitoring. 


Upstream AutoThreat is the first-ever threat feed that is completely focused on vehicles, vehicle components, and mobility services. AutoThreat helps OEMs comply with the WP.29 requirement for ongoing monitoring of attacks and the vulnerabilities against vehicles and mobility services. AutoThreat also helps OEMs comply with the ISO/SAE requirement for continuous cybersecurity activities. 


And finally, C4 and AutoThreat are integrated into one solution that enables end-to-end monitoring for post-production.