Advantages of Upstream’s Cloud-Based Automotive Cybersecurity




Upstream’s value proposition centers around our ability to protect connected vehicles, both OEMs and fleets, from remote cyber attacks. Because the solution is entirely cloud-based, we’re able to protect vehicles that are already on the road today. Being cloud-based also means that we’re able to extend the solution down the road for more autonomous capabilities and additional technologies that are introduced in the automotive space.


Typically, the first value that the customers see with our implementation is the ability to have visibility and insights into the operation of the connected vehicle service or fleet. This means that we’re able to uncover blind spots and basically discover things that were not known before. The solution starts by looking at known threats, either coming from third-party sources or from IT-level attacks. Then we implement a combination of automated and user-defined policies that are enforced on the operation of the connected vehicle service.


The policies can be tailor-made to the specific OEM or connected vehicle service. The system typically comes pre-built with hundreds of policies addressing known threats, both from the IT world, as well as from the automotive world. Probably even more importantly, we’re able to address unknown threats and attacks that were not seen in the wild yet.


The way that we accomplish that is we use advanced machine learning and AI technologies in the modelling of an entire vehicle fleet. Using ML, we are able to detect anomalies in the operation of either protocols that are being transported between the cars and the various application servers, or from the behavior of the entire connected vehicle service. The combination of policy enforcement and anomaly detection provides our customers with the ability to have protection against both known threats and unknown threats for a comprehensive automotive security solution.